This is a story that has been enduring from the beginning of 20th Century to this day. It’s a story of two little brothers from Prilep, Macedonia; who had lost their father to Balkanian War and their mother even earlier. Being very young, the kids had to travel to Turkey to their grandmother. Their travels lasted from one city to the other for a while; they first went to Alaçatý, then to Istanbul, to Adapazari, and finally to Manisa, Akhisar, to their uncle who ran a tavern there.

It was just after the I. World War. Akhisar was a small city of the young Republic, bearing a tired and poor population. The brothers grew up working in their uncle’s tavern. They did their military service, which had to last for years at those times, in Istanbul and took advantage of this: Weekend and night leaves turned into work experience at the most important restaurants of the city. When they got back to Akhisar, the brothers advanced their culinary profession and developed a meatball specialty that resembled a specific meatball made by Macedonian street hawkers.

It was a simple but pure formula: veal, onion and salt. The meatballs were served on slices of butter-roasted wholemeal pitta bread, along with grilled green pepper and butter-heated tomato slices. The next step came in 1928. The brothers opened a tiny restaurant, seats of which were of lemon cases. In 1934 they moved to the store which is still in operation to the current day. This place had been the first and the only meatball restaurant of Akhisar for decades, sprawling the fame of the pure veal specialty nationwide. One could tell this from the increase of the number of people who drifted to Akhisar down from Istanbul – Izmir highway just to have “Ramiz Köfte”.

Köfteci Ramiz (“Meatball chéf Ramiz”) had five children; four sons and a daughter. The kids worked with their father while they continued their education. Two of his sons became lawyers, his daughter a dentist, his other two sons an engineer and an economist. In 1970, Köfteci Ramiz, with struggles of whom Ramiz Köfte acquired a countrywide fame, passed away. His young children took over their respected father’s legacy which sustains an even wider fame today.

In 2000, Köfteci Ramiz’s sons opened two more stores: The one at Akhisar city center emphasized the connection of the brand to its homeland. Yet the other one, the store located at Istanbul – Izmir highway, next to the BP gas station right outside Akhisar, became a milestone for its recognition. Famous politicians, sportsmen, artists and many other celebrities visited here after hearing about its fame.

Today, Köfteci Ramiz is a nationwide brand. The company has its own meat processing facility where not only veal from the local district is processed but also garlic sausage of best quality is produced. Köfteci Ramiz’s meatballs are handcrafted just like in the beginning of its history, this has never changed. Meanwhile the plant’s hygienic conditions and overall sanitation standards enabled the brand to acquire all necessary food production permits. ISO-9001 and HACCP Certificates were given by the UK-based ‘World Certification Services’, one of the most prominent food inspection institutions of the globe.

Among a remarkable number of persistent franchise requests, suitable candidates are elected and supported to open and manage new restaurants pursuant to Köfteci Ramiz principles. Their personnel are also trained accordingly. All products of all restaurants are supplied from Akhisar via cold chain. Each and every point of the network are inspected continuously to ensure that Köfteci Ramiz standards are equally achieved everywhere. We are proud to be a national brand that has been sustaining the traditional taste of quality for over 70 years.